Our Corporate Values

Formed exclusively by ambitious family businesses passionate about their job.

We are Families ▼

The Fruit Team is a group of independent growers created in 2009.
Independent because they want to keep their identity and values.

All our members are family companies of several generations, making them known is just as important as presenting our range 100% from their production.

The goal of the Fruit Team is to provide its members with the best possible value for the efforts made to produce quality fruits. Work, involvement, collaboration and synergy are the pillars of the Fruit Team.

Our experience allows us to offer a regular service and constant quality.

High Quality ▼

The strengths of the Fruit Team are:

The search for taste quality through continuous varietal renewal.

The consistency of our offer throughout the campaigns thanks to the complementarity of our members.

The geographical distribution of our orchards in the different production areas, allowing us to guarantee our volumes when facing the more frequent climatic hazards.

In addition to respecting the Fruit Team quality charter, the members have set up certifications such as GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP, IFS or even BRC.
The traceability systems established by the members allow the product to be tracked “from the farm to the fork”. The Fruit Team’s first concern is consumers’ health and food safety.

In order to continuously improve our tools and thus better meet commercial, agricultural, normative requirements … our members are committed to the digital transition and regularly invest in latest generation equipment and machines.

A commitment to nature at all times.

Committed to Nature ▼

All of our members aim to respect Mother Nature on a daily basis.

We constantly seek the right balance: to produce differently in order to better respect biodiversity and allow our operations to be sustainable over time.

For more than 10 years, we have made an exhaustive selection of our phytosanitary products giving priority to products used in organic farming.

GLOBALG.A.P. certified, our members respect good agricultural practices and minimize the impact of their activity on the environment, in particular by reducing the use of agricultural inputs.

Our products

Stone Fruits

Flat Peach

Flat Nectarine

Yellow Nectarine

White Nectarine

Yelow Peach

White Peach





Pome Fruits





Seedless Grape

Black Grape

Red Grape

White Grape

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